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主演:葛爾·哈羅德  亞歷克·鮑德溫  米歇爾·雷恩  里奧·霍華德  



導演: Francesco Cinquemani編劇: Francesco Cinquemani主演: 葛爾·哈羅德 / 亞歷克·鮑德溫 / 米歇爾·雷恩 / 里奧·霍華德 / 安東尼婭·坎貝爾·休斯 / 更多...類型: 動作官方網站: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Andr%C3%B2n-The-Black-Labyrinth/636383413143185?ref=ts&fref=ts制片國家/地區: 意大利語言: 英語 / 意大利語上映日期: 2015片長: 100(美國)又名: 安德隆IMDb鏈接: tt4073890安德烈:黑色的迷宮的劇情簡介 · · · · · ·  Titled Andròn – The Black Labyrinth the film explores what happens to a group of prisoners who find themselves trapped in a mysterious and deadly maze, according to the official description.   They don’t remember how they got there. They don’t even remember their names. They will have to find answers, to decipher the signs, understand the codes and they have to face a dangerous journey to discover the secret of Andròn.   Forced to form bonds in order to survive, the group struggles to find a way out while the outside world watches and places wagers on their fates.